The Revard station in winter

      The Revard is located in the south-western part of the Parc Naturel Régional des Bauges. This vast plateau culminates at 1550 meters and offers the charm of the middle mountain with its forests of pines and alpine pastures.

      The proximity of Chambéry and Aix-les-Bains places this station about 30 minutes from two tourist centers and cultural heritage of Savoy.

      We are located in the center of the Revard station, in the immediate vicinity of the Belvedere and the alpine ski slopes.

Towards the east, panorama of the Alps and Mont Blanc from the summit of the Revard

Towards the west, panorama of the Chambéry cluster and the Bourget valley from the summit of the Revard



   - Train stations of "Aix-les-Bains - Le Revard" or "Chambéry - Challes-les-Eaux" (TGV)

   - Airport of "Chambéry - Aix-les-Bains" (Voglans)

   - Alpine motorways A43 / A41 (exits "Aix-les-Bains Nord" or "Chambéry - Massif des Bauges") then
     RD913 or RD912.

   - Regular seasonal service between Aix-les-Bains and Le Revard.


You will stay in a magnificent mountain setting, on a vast wooded plateau of fir trees, dominated to the east by the Mont Blanc, the summits of the Bauges and dominating to the west the lake of Bourget

Summit of Angle Est

Clearing of Larcoutier in the middle of the forest

To the east, sunset over the Bauges and the Mont Blanc

Towards the west, panorama of Aix-les-Bains and Lac du Bourget

On site you can practice many activities :

- Mountain biking,
- Hiking,
- Horseback riding,
- Free Flight - Paragliding,
- Forest trails,
- Quads Tour,
- And, depending on the season, blueberry
  picking, raspberries or mushrooms...

Mountain biking in the forest

But also, 30 minutes from the station :

* In Aix-les-Bains :

- All water sports on Lake Bourget,
- Beach, swimming pool, leisure center,
- Museums and Galleries,
- Movie Theaters,
- Thermal spa,
- Casino.

* In Chambéry :

- Swimming Pools,
- Museums and Galleries,
- Movie Theaters,
- Visits to the historic capital of the Duchy
  of Savoy.

* In the Parc Naturel Régional des Bauges :

- Hiking in the mountains,
- Discovery of wildlife in the reserve,
- Recreation and river activities,
- Crafts and gastronomy.


        The Revard is part of a group of three stations (Le Revard, La Féclaz and Saint François de Sales) grouped around a great cross-country skiing site & quot; Savoie Grand Revard & quot; (140 kms of groomed trails in Alternative and Skating).

        The resort also offers 14 ski lifts and 28 alpine ski slopes of all levels, routes of snowshoe trails, toboggan runs, "Snow Parks", dog sled trails as well as Many other winter activities.

View of the Bauges massif from the summit of Angle Est

Snowy landscape

           You will find on site :
               - rental of winter sports equipment (alpine or nordic skis, sledges, snowshoes, surfing, ...),
               - dogsledding rides,
               - ski-joëring,
               - Alpine ski schools,
               - A Nordic ski center,
               - A kindergarten.

Alpine skiing

Nordic Skiing


         The chalet Bouvard occupies a building that was inaugurated at the same time that the cogwheel railway linking Aix-les-Bains to Mont Revard in August 1892.

         It was then a chalet-restaurant-tearoom.

The dining room of the chalet-restaurant

The arrival station of the cog railway
and the chalet-restaurant around 1892

         Two hotels were built shortly afterwards near the restaurant.

         Mount Revard welcomed tourists in summer only while maintaining its original alpine vocation.

Hotels in the midst of mountain pastures

The arrival of skiers to hotels

          Skiing and other winter sports appeared around 1909 thanks to the commissioning of skier trains.

The Revard became one of the first ski resorts in France.

          The buildings were modernized and enlarged when the company Paris-Lyon-Méditerranée bought the estate of Revard in 1924.

The Revard plateau around 1925

The revard cable-car

          In 1935, the cogwheel railway was replaced by an ultra-modern cable-car which connected the station of the Mentens, near Mouxy, at the summit of Revard

         This equipment operated until 1969.

Postcards of the collections Christian Bouvard and Serge Lambert


Tourist Office Savoie Grand Revard
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Tourist Office Aix-les-Bains
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Tourist Office Chambéry
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SEM-GPN (Exploitation of Domains)
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Natural Regional Park of Bauges
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French Ski School
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Nordic Ski Center
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